What People Have To Say About Purple Fitness

Jenny Walsh

“Charlie has helped me find the confidence I had lost in my body”

Charlie has helped me find the confidence I had lost in my body. She quickly tunes in to your body’s strengths + weaknesses, and works with you using a personalised exercise plan, to build on physical ability and confidence. I now take on sporting challenges I never thought I would be able to achieve.

Mrs. H

“I like myself again”

I had a deep rooted preconception that only women with more money (time and self obsession) than sense had 1-2-1 “coaching” sessions. I am not one of those women. It was with some confusion (and a little shame) that I found myself turning to Charlie Wall for weekly 1-2-1 sessions over a year ago.I was on a circular path of self destruction striving for perfection everywhere and unsurprisingly finding it nowhere. A series of difficult family and work events had led to a desperate pattern and “self help” programme (read “escape”) of: comfort eating, exercise, fit camps, juicing retreats, alcohol, cigarettes etc. over a period of two years.Charlie is a rare being. She is very very good at what she does. I don’t overstate her impact if I say that she rescued me from a spiral of despair that I could not find a way out of (although I am usually a self reliant, strong, independent person). Each week Charlie disarmed me with her acute insight, no nonsense approach and extensive expertise and armed me with advice and strategies to begin to take care of myself. After each valuable weekly session I came away with food (for thought). Charlie gave me a support infrastructure, expert advice, accountability and direction.So. If you are a little bit broken (or a lot broken) or if you need support, information, counselling or just plain old “help”, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Charlie. She fixed me. I like myself again.


“It is tough and there is nowhere to hide but worth it”

I had been going to boot camp for a while and really enjoying it but not getting on with rolling, stretching or clean eating. I thought that 1-2-1 sessions with Charlie would give me the extra boost. I expected to be challenged physically and I was. Starting a session with rolling means you really have to have done the daily homework of rolling otherwise it shows. I had always stopped after a couple of rolling session cos it hurt. With the 1-2-1 encouragement I found that if you keep rolling daily it will hurt less and does you a massive amount of good. Yes… exactly what Charlie says on a regular basis.

What I had not expected was to be challenged in my thinking. I was pushed to look beyond the trite excuse I gave for lapses such as not have followed the food plan or done the rolling.

The result after 6 weeks was that I had lost a stone in weight, become far more flexible, less injury prone and most of all had the chance to be really honest with myself. It is tough and there is nowhere to hide but worth it.



“Her sessions are always well planned and whizz by with laughter”

I have had the good fortune to have found both Cambridge Bootcamps and had PT sessions with Charlie Wall. I can say that both have been life-changing experiences. Charlie had a holistic approach to my training and treated me as an individual taking into account all aspects of my lifestyle before building an appropriate and realistic program. Within the first month I already felt stronger and leaner than ever before, and benefitted enormously from her advice on diet and nutrition. To say she revolutionized my caffeine and chocolate addictions is a major understatement!

Unlike other personal instructors Charlie really practices what she preaches and works hard to keep up to date in a constantly moving fitness industry. This makes her not only a safe and well-informed instructor but also a font of knowledge. In a world of so much conflicting fitness advice she remains my trusted go-to source of information and advice.

Charlie is kind, fun and motivating. Her sessions are always well planned and whizz by with laughter. I have always been so glad I took the plunge to invest in personal training with Charlie. I could list the many races run and sporting events completed, but more important than any of this is the confidence she has given me to stay healthy, fit and well for years to come!

Sarah P

“I have the beautiful Charlie Wall to thank for inspiring me to make a change”

I started training with Charlie many years ago at the super early Parkers Piece sessions. Even in the pitch black, the wind, the rain and the snow Charlie was always there with so much energy. She was also there with heaps of burpees (still my favourite exercise) and inch worms (still my least favourite exercise).

Charlie changed careers to pursue her dream job and then proceeded to create this amazing community of strong women, which I still feel privileged to be involved in. I have always loved fitness, but Charlie’s enthusiasm and passion inspired me to pursue my own career in the health and fitness industry. I moved quite far away sadly… to Australia, where I am now a successful personal trainer. Following Charlie’s lead, I only train women, I find that when you have a strong support network, targets and goals suddenly become within reach. I can’t imagine doing anything different with my life and I have the beautiful Charlie Wall to thank for inspiring me to make a change.