I am writing this blog post to discuss and motivate me (others?) to wean from sugar. I have realised with somewhat delayed horror that I am completely addicted to sugar, even with my supposed ‘healthy eating plan’.

I have to admit that lately – Since becoming ill last year – I have become a little too used to snacking at night on sweet things – and then I have realised that my daily mocha addiction is controlling me, rather than the other way around!! I have been planning my day around when I can get to Starbucks to devour my delicious ‘short soya macha’. The guys in Starbucks know my name!!


I have also realised that this addiction has become worse as I have gotten older and prone to comfort eating. This stems back some years ago, when after my brothers death, I used drugs/fags to get through. I didn’t realise the power of those numbing substances back then, i just used to take them to feel numb.


This was obviously playing havoc with my Adrenal system and causing me to have symptoms in later life which relate to ‘Adrenal Fatigue’ = Tiredness; Trouble getting up in the morning; craving sweet and salty snacks, I have not recovered at all from having the Swine Flu last year – All this has led to increase in my weight by a stone and a half. If I am not careful this will continue to creep up, despite my exercise..


SO, I am looking at what I eat currently that contains sugar, who acts like sugar when it hits my blood stream..

I am ashamed to say I have been snacking on chocolate bars recently; Rice cakes (High GI index); MOCHA’s (Max 2 daily) ; Bread (again acts like sugar when it hits the blood stream = instant high – huge crash in insulin); WINE (eeeeeek); Hemp Bars; Biscuits; (Oh dear, I am starting to realise why I have been feeling so terrible lately!!!!) And when it comes to desserts, I totally forgo the food allergy attention because the sugar junkie in me doesn’t care. MUST have sugar! So, going sugar free is ‘hopefully’ going to help me get more disciplined about heeding my food allergies.


Everytime I eat these ‘sugary’ foods my body reacts by creating an insulin spike, and rather like a drug we can get addicted to these feelings of euphoria related to food. I believe I have probably been trying to recreate feeling high since my brother died using one substance or another!


I am fed up with feeling tired and run down all the time, fed up of having the mid afternoon crash, fed up of falling asleep at 9pm only to feel exhausted when I wake up..


I will be documenting here my sugar withdrawal diary for all to see starting tomorrow. I will take photos but may not post them yet as I am not looking or feeling particularly “yummy” at the moment.


I will also be concentrating on my exercise regime and will also post daily i I can what I do with that. I tend to record my exercise on here ‘My Daily Mile’ and in our group ‘What I did for my work-out’


I start tomorrow…. If you would like to join me, then PLEASE let me know, or support me on here.


Charlie Wall

Cambridge Personal Trainer – Personal Fintess Coach and Bootcamp Instructor.



charliewall says:

I will have to let you know Abigail.. Need to talk to the organisers.. But will be either a Tues or Fri eve in Cherry Hinton x

charliewall says:

Oh my goodness!!!! I didn’t think that!!!! Was just pleased, but didn’t know if you had found this, and not seen it on the site!! (Shameless plug)
Abi are you going to be joining us for the Race for life training session which will be filmed?

abigail says:

When is the training session?

I might bring Ella she is so gorgeous that she may get a modelling contract as the face of Pampers or babyjogger inc.

abigail says:

Hi Charlie,

Glad I have found your blog, I would love to join you on your sugar withdrawal quest as I have just finished off some biscuits purely because they are going out of date! aaargh!

As for going to bed at 9pm (I wish) and feeling exhausted I think only time will help me with that, but I really don’t need to make it worse.

Abi (from OUTFIT)

charliewall says:

Hey Abi, how did you find me ? 🙂 You joining me then? Posted on Out-Fit too 🙂

abigail says:

Don’t worry I am not stalking you!

You posted a link in one of your blogs on OUTFIT and it brought me here.