#‎SelfCareSunday‬ ~ Always find time for the things that make you HAPPY to be alive 🙌
For me 🙋 that’s seeing dear friends, walking in the Sun☀Shine, being by the 🌊, spending time with my son (this is a rare occurrence these days though) 💁reading a good book, learning new schtuff 🙇..

Whilst I was away in Crete I didn’t have much wifi which meant I wasn’t as attached to my iPhone or laptop as I normally would be. I realised whilst I was away just how addicted I have gotten to my iPhone. It’s a weird addiction tbh. I have a love/ hate relationship with the thing 📲⚠

I did however do a lot of talking, walking by the sea, lapping up the sun and all these things made me feel alive, rested, HAPPY 🙌

It also gave me much needed undistracted time to think.
Technology can be super draining on our thoughts, mindset, motivation, well-being .. I decided at this point to make sure that I turned my phone off every night at 8pm and have one technology free day a week.

Today is our self care Sunday ~ challenge yourself to turn your phone off and go explore the world without it. Log off and look up 👀👀👀 Don’t let experiences pass you by because you were too busy looking down.


Charlie x