One of the most common questions I get asked via email or in person is “I need to lose weight QUICKLY – How can I do that?”

Unfortunately there are NO easy or quick fixes when it comes to weight loss, however there are certain things you could start RIGHT NOW that will help you!



Water is an essential nutrient to our bodies. Even when we are a little dehydrated we will hold onto fat stores. You definitely do not want to wait until you are thirsty to start drinking water… Once your body has signalled to you that you need to take on liquids it is already dehydrated 🙁  This needs to increase in times of heat or physical exercise.



I ask all my clients this question – “How fast do you eat?” Most of them without fail will say, “Oh I eat really fast whilst…. *insert whatever busy thing women do whilst trying to make time to eat* ”  When we eat super fast we do not digest the food properly which can cause bloating, gas and other gut health issues. This will lead to potential weight + health problems. Try to make the time to chew your food more thoroughly and slowly. Try to make the time to sit down and eat your meal and ONLY eat your meal ie. Do not work, read, watch the TV, write or any other manic things we ladies do whilst eating.. (If we do eat *Point No 3*)  Poor gut health will massively hinder weight loss goals, so try this simple step and see if it makes a difference.  You may even find that you are fuller much quicker than normal.



When you don’t eat enough calories (or, more precisely, derive enough energy from the food you eat) for too long a time, leptin (A hormone in the bodies fat cells that communicates with the brain to determine energy expenditure) signals the thyroid hormones to decrease metabolic rate in order to conserve energy. This essentially means that it completely slows down fat loss, and that if we are hungry we go into ‘starvation mode’. The body and brain do not know that you can get food at any given time (*Think cave man) so it will want to hold onto fat stores. It does this by slowing down our metabolism. Once we start eating again we continue with the slow metabolism and the body holds onto as much food as it can incase there is another ‘famine’.



Sleep is SO IMPORTANT for Fat loss and one of the few things I hear consistently that people do not get enough of. Taking a Magnesium supplement is so beneficial to our health for a multitude of reasons and it also helps to relax our muscles putting us into a deep sleep ZZZzzzzz 😉                   I  personally use Liquid Magnesium from Botanica Health & Sport Facebook page EVERY DAY! Post training I ALWAYS spray with this from Transdermal Technology (Recovery Spray containing Magnesium) However if you’re really short of money buy some Epsom Salts to have in your bath or a foot baths for both are a cheaper way to get Magnesium into your system leading to many health benefits including GOOD SLEEP!

Growth Hormone aids fat loss by decreasing fat tissue — guess when this is made?  Yes when we are ASLEEP 🙂 We also make Growth Hormone when we do Interval Training *see point No 5*  Whatever happens see if you can make a pact with yourself to turn everything off by 10pm and get some quality sleep.. Its FREE 😉



However that works for you, whatever you like to do to get moving then do it! Some people like jogging, some like walking, my clients love what we do outside at cambridge bootcamps. Getting outside especially in these dark winter months will help to ease stress levels which will in turn lead to burning fat, better sleep + a happier frame of mind. Sometimes ( really!) I have to force myself to go training.. Yes I too have that “I cannot be arsed” voice in my head.. But every time I feel WAY better than when I was trying to talk myself out of it.


I hope you find this useful, please leave a comment + let us know how you get on 🙂


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Charlie x