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I’ve been receiving A LOT of personal messages from ladies who are feeling “overwhelmed” or completely done in due to stressors, and I wanted to just take some time to write this post and give you a list of things…

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#FridayMotivation ~ happy Friday fitties  I hope you enjoy the SunShine today and manage to get out there and get yourselves some activity ~ whatever that may be  "No great thing is created suddenly." Epictetus

No matter how small your steps are to a healthier lifestyle believe in them for they will take you to big places, least of all a feeling of self worth + new found self respect  
I believe in YOU xx  by @niceslackskid

BodyWeight Workout for you 09.09.15

  It’s been a while since I posted a ‪#‎WorkoutVideo‬ on here … Today is the first day I’ve tried to exercise as I had a hideous stomach virus which has wiped me out for a few weeks. One of…

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Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday 06.09.15

  #‎SelfCareSunday‬ 💙 Happy Sunday to you folks! It’s that time again… Self care Sunday! This Sunday I’d really like you to focus on your STRENGTHS 🙌 Yes! Actually sit down and write in a little note book what your…

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Can you beat a bad mood?

It is no secret that we all get into bad moods from time to time, and usually we are able to snap out of them. The reasons for being in a bad mood can range from anything like having slept…

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Midweek Kettlebell workout for you :-)

  During the week I got out there in the rain and completed a Kettlebell workout. I need to start getting back into my training following my lovely holiday in Crete. I use Kettlebells A LOT (those that follow this…

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